September 01, 2019

Nondairy calcium sources

Women older than 50 and men older than 71 generally need at least 1,200 milligrams (mg) of calcium daily to protect their bone health.

For those who choose not to consume dairy — or have limited choices due to lactose intolerance or other health issues — many different foods can help you reach your daily recommended amount of calcium. As you look at the following list, keep in mind that 8 ounces (oz.) of milk contains about 300 mg of calcium. Here are some of the foods to consider adding to your diet, along with serving sizes and milligrams of calcium for each:

  • Calcium-fortified tofu, 1/2 cup, 435 mg
  • Broccoli raab, 1 cup, 360 mg
  • Sardines, canned with bones, 3 oz., 325 mg
  • Fortified almond, rice or soy milk, 8 oz., 300 mg
  • Fortified orange juice, 8 oz., 300 mg
  • Waffle, frozen and fortified, 2 pieces, 200 mg
  • Salmon, canned with bones, 3 oz., 180 mg
  • Kale, cooked, 1 cup, 100 mg
  • Collard greens, frozen, 1 cup, 85 mg

The calcium content for most foods can vary. When possible, check the product's nutrition label to determine its calcium content. Updated nutrition labels — on most products by January 2020 — will tell you the amount of calcium in a product, in addition to the Daily Value of calcium a serving provides.