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Cornea problems

Beyond blurred vision

For the cornea to work properly, it must be transparent to allow light in and it must have a smooth, symmetric curve so that light rays come together at the same place on the retina. When the transparency, texture or shape of the cornea is altered, vision problems may result.

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When is a headache a sign of an underlying problem?

A: Headaches come with a wide range of accompanying symptoms and severity. Most often, they are due to a primary headache disorder such as a tension-type headache or migraine. In older adults, the majority of headaches are still primary in nature. However, older adults are more likely than their younger counterparts to experience a secondary headache disorder. A... Read More

Is it safe to exercise with Parkinson's disease?

A: Exercise is an important part of a healthy life for all people. And for people with a neurodegenerative disease such as Parkinson's disease, exercise is vital to maintaining mobility and daily function. In fact, Mayo Clinic experts on Parkinson's disease point to regular aerobic exercise as a means of slowing the disease's progression. A large... Read More