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Enlarged prostate

A treatable condition in men

Enlarged prostate — Feature that helps sort out drug and surgical options for improving BPH symptoms.

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Is there a "right time" to have my arthritic knee replaced?

A: In some ways, yes, there is. A recent study found that it's common to mistime the procedure — getting it earlier than needed or waiting longer than necessary. But defining the sweet spot for knee replacement, when its benefits will outweigh any disadvantages, is highly dependent on each person's... Read More

How do I convince my spouse it's time to get a hearing aid?

A; You are far from alone in this predicament. Age-related hearing loss develops over time, so it's common for those experiencing it not to recognize it at first. Your husband may have started compensating for the loss without noticing, such as by turning the TV volume up or depending on... Read More