October 01, 2019

Making the most of eyedrops

Many people feel that a good deal of their eyedrop medication — which can be expensive — goes to waste. To make the most of your eyedrops and avoid spillage, follow these tips:

  • Aim for a proper angle — Tilt your head back and look upward so that you're able to aim properly. Some people find it helpful to lie down and then insert drops.
  • Make a pocket — With your nondominant hand, form a pocket with your lower eyelid as illustrated below. With the eyedrops in your other hand, squeeze the bottle gently to allow one drop to fall in the pocket, not over the eyeball. Release the pocket and gently close your eye. Squeezing the eye shut can force the drop out.
  • One drop at a time — Apply only one drop at a time and wait a few minutes between drops. Multiple drops administered at once will roll out of the eye and be wasted.
  • Apply pressure — To promote absorption, put slight pressure on the inner corner of your eye closest to your nose.