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Breast cancer surgery

Know your options

Knowing the difference between lumpectomy and mastectomy — and their implications — can help bring a sense of calm and control to breast cancer decision making. New approaches to cancer removal can preserve a more natural breast appearance even when mastectomy is performed.

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Are there ways to prevent choking?

A: This is a great question for older adults, because most deaths due to choking occur in adults over age 65. Older adults are at higher risk because they are more likely to have swallowing difficulty, more likely to have greater difficulty chewing due to dentures, or more likely... Read More

Why am I anxious with bad memories after caregiving for my spouse in the ICU?

A: It's possible that you may be experiencing a condition called post-intensive care syndrome-family (PICS-F). This is new or worsening symptoms of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that can occur in caregivers when a loved one is in the ICU, and persist well past the ICU experience.... Read More