May 01, 2020


Possible reasons for your lack of energy

You've been feeling low on energy lately, but you're not sure if it's just part of getting older or an issue that you and your doctor can do something about. If there's no underlying medical problem causing fatigue, basic steps that may help improve your energy include reducing stress, choosing a healthy diet and exercising regularly. You may be able to improve your sleep quality and quantity by:

  • Putting in the time — Set aside at least eight hours for sleep. Get your body into a rhythm by going to bed and getting up at the same time every day.
  • Setting the stage for sleep — Make your bedroom cool, dark and quiet.
  • Eating and drinking sensibly — Don't go to bed hungry or stuffed. Remember that the stimulating effects of caffeine take seven hours or longer to wear off and can wreak havoc on quality sleep. The stimulating effect of nicotine can take hours to wear off, as well. Alcohol might make you feel sleepy, but it can disrupt sleep later in the night.
  • Getting out of bed if you're not sleeping — If you are lying awake in bed for longer than 15 to 20 minutes, get up and go to another room. Do boring things until you feel sleepy, then try going back to bed.

But if you've been feeling exhaustion or fatigue for several weeks despite taking the above steps, it's time to contact a...