May 01, 2018

Helping a friend in grief

Family connections often play an important role in helping with grief. But friends have something special to contribute, as well. Help friends in grief by:

  • Understanding grief is normal — Grief is an expected response to death or tragedy, with feelings such as intense pain, sadness, disbelief, fear, anger and guilt.
  • Allowing friends to mourn in their own ways — Features of grief — such as tears, preoccupation with the deceased or social withdrawal — are unique, variable and fluctuating. There are no predictable stages of grief. The amount of time needed to cope with the loss can vary, as well.
  • Helping your friends take care of their health — Encourage your friends to take care of their health needs, such as by inviting them on a walk, sharing a meal with them or inviting them along on an activity. Encourage them to keep up with doctor's visits, or to have a medical checkup.
  • Being there, listening and using touch — Don't underestimate the importance ...