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Dental crowns and implants

Fix the gaps in your gumline

Dental implants can restore confidence and improve dental and overall health. New technologies are improving the speed and ease of these procedures.

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Why do I have sloshing sound in my knee after joint replacement?

A: It's probably not a serious issue, as long as you're otherwise feeling well and making progress in your rehabilitation. A possible cause is a buildup of fluid that naturally lubricates the joints (synovial fluid). The sound is likely to improve or go away with the usual rehabilitation steps,... Read More

Can I safely get a MRI with contrast if I have kidney problems?

A: While this was more of a concern in the past, it is less likely to be an issue today. An older type of contrast agent used during MRI presented a risk of harm for some people with kidney problems, but newer contrast agents can be provided more safely.... Read More