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Peripheral neuropathy

Get control of this condition that's common in people with diabetes

Peripheral neuropathy is an often painful nerve condition where management of underlying cause, taking care of your health and select drugs and therapies often lead to relief.

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What's the difference between a ligament and a tendon?

A tendon begins at the end of each muscle, connecting the muscle to a bone. Its primary purpose is to assist in joint movement. In contrast, a ligament connects one end of a bone to another with no muscle involved in the connection. Ligaments provide joint stability and... Read More

Should I be worried about a stabbing rectum pain at night that goes away after a few minutes?

A: Pain in the lower rectum can have many causes. However, your spouse's symptoms are consistent with a condition called proctalgia fugax (prok-TAL-juh FU-gax). With proctalgia fugax, intense muscle spasms in and around the anal canal cause severe or even excruciating short-term pain. The spasms occur periodically and... Read More