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X-rays, MRI, CT scans and PET scans

Imaging tests are common, but having your body scanned in a tube can seem more like science fiction than medical science. Learn about the ways health professionals view the inside of your body detect, diagnose, treat or monitor disease.

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Is tramadol safer than other opioid pain medications?

A: There are two key risks with tramadol (Ultram) and other short-acting opioid pain medications such as oxycodone (Roxicodone) and hydrocodone plus acetaminophen (Norco, Vicodin). One is the risk of side effects — such as constipation or sedation leading to falls or accidents — and the other is risk... Read More

Is intermittent fasting a good option for loosing weight?

A: Mayo Clinic experts say there's simply not enough research to support or oppose intermittent fasting at this point. Intermittent fasting may be a helpful tool for some people, but it can also be unhealthy or even dangerous in certain cases. Intermittent fasting is cutting off or seriously... Read More