January 01, 2020

Medication reminders

Prescribed medications don't work if you don't take them. There are many barriers to faithfully taking your medications, with one being just plain forgetting. To help you remember to take your medications, try to:

  • Keep it simple — Work with your doctor and pharmacist to keep your drug regimen to the fewest pills possible. Ask for clear instructions on when to take your drugs and why you need them.
  • Create a routine — Try to take drugs at the same time each day and connect it with a part of your routine. For example, keep medications in the kitchen if you're supposed to take them with meals or by your bedside table if they're supposed to be taken at night.
  • Keep track — Write a complete list of current medications, including doses and how often you take them. Check the list for accuracy with your health care provider. Keep it in your wallet or purse for quick, easy reference.
  • Use reminders — Pill containers can help you organize your medications and help you remember to take them. Large pill containers with more than seven compartments may be helpful if you take a medication multiple times a day. There are a number of apps, email and text reminders, and more that can further enhance pill container use.
  • Travel smart — Pack extra medication when traveling in case your trip is extended or delayed....