January 01, 2020

Improving foot pain

Finding the perfect shoe

To improve your fitness, you started taking daily brisk walks around your neighborhood. But after just a few days, you can't continue. Your feet ache, and you think you're developing a corn. How can you stay healthy if your feet hurt every time you try to exercise?

As you age, changes to your body and feet can make foot pain more likely. This can make daily activities more difficult and even increase your risk of falls. However, foot pain is often avoidable by modifying or switching your shoes.

As foot issues develop, seek medical attention. You may need to see a podiatrist — a doctor specializing in foot and ankle care — to get a prescription for special footwear or foot support such as orthotics. Still, much of managing and preventing foot pain can come down to proper footwear. Here's a look at common challenges that occur with aging, along with footwear solutions.

Changing foot size

Challenge: Changing foot size

Your feet may change in size and shape, usually getting wider and longer.

Solution — Ask to have your feet measured — including the width — at a shoe store. Keep in mind that one foot can be slightly larger than the other, so you should buy for the larger foot. Wear the socks you would normally wear with the shoes, as this will affect the fit. Try shoes on near the end of the day...