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Taking your life back

With better scientific understanding of often-misunderstood condition has come improved treatment strategies that allow for an individualized approach to addressing pain and many other symptoms that can be at play.

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I have stable heart disease with some symptoms. Do I need an artery-widening stent?

A: When one or more arteries supplying the heart with blood have narrowed, poor blood flow can result in ongoing pain or discomfort in your chest (angina). Stable angina means the pain and discomfort are predictable and the angina maintains generally the same pattern. It occurs with certain circumstances,... Read More

Can artificial flavors and colors in foods cause itching or other reactions?

A: According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), food additives are any ingredients or substances — such as preservatives, vitamins, minerals, artificial sweeteners, antioxidants, spices, flavors and colors — that are added to food. All food additives must be approved by the FDA. This means the FDA has... Read More