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A pain in the jaw

Temporomandibular disorders

The hallmark of temporomandibular disorder is facial pain, which may occur in the jaw, in the area in front of the ear or in one or both temporomandibular joints. Pain with chewing is common.

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Second Opinion

An X-ray shows a spot on my lung. Is it likely cancer?

A: A single white spot on a lung (solitary lung nodule) is a common finding on chest imaging done for another reason. Although most nodules are noncancerous, it can be worth examining the finding for cancer. If detected early, lung cancer is typically treatable and even curable with surgery.... Read More

Should I see a doctor after a fainting spell?

A: Yes, see your doctor. Fainting, or passing out — a temporary loss of consciousness also known as syncope — is caused by insufficient blood flow to the brain. Some causes of syncope are fairly benign, such as from dehydration or during a frightening event such as a... Read More