February 01, 2019

Nutrition labels

Update is in progress

When you're under the weather, a warmed up can of soup really hits the spot. To your surprise, when you read the label on the can, it seems the calorie content has spiked.

Common products do change. But what you may be seeing is an update to the Nutrition Facts label. While a small can of soup was once listed as two servings, it may now be listed as one. Because of this change, the label now shows double the number of calories, fat and other nutrients for a serving. But that's not the only change.

A refreshed design

What you may first notice about updated labels is the change in formatting. The words "Calories," "servings per container" and "Serving size" are larger. In addition, the number of calories and serving size are now in bold type. The changes are meant to call attention to these critical fields.

With past labels, the percent Daily Value was given only as a percentage. In the updated version, the amounts for certain vitamins and minerals — vitamin D, calcium, iron and potassium — must also be listed as an actual gram amount. The gram amount may be listed for other vitamins and minerals, but this isn't a requirement.

Finally, the bottom of the label has a revised explanation of what percent Daily Value means, to clarify its role in helping you make wise food choices.

A closer look at the new labels reveals changes that reflect the latest evidence on nutrition: