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Living with heart failure

Staying ahead of the symptoms

There are big health and longevity benefits to working closely with your doctor to address the common causes of heart failure.

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Are plant-based milks healthier than cow's milk?

A: Cow's milk (dairy) and the other plant-based beverages you mention can all be healthy choices. However, there are wide nutritional differences depending on the type of product and the brand. You can generally break down the benefits by: Fat content — Skim milk has negligible amounts... Read More

I've never had a fracture. Do I need a bone density test?

A: It depends. A bone density test uses X-rays to measure the amount of calcium and other minerals in a segment of bone. By identifying decreases, your doctor can determine your risk of fractures and diagnose and monitor progression of osteoporosis. If you're a woman 65 or older,... Read More