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Back surgery

Often the best last resort

Surgery isn't appropriate for just any type of back pain. But when it is, newer techniques are sometimes allowing for a speedier, though still challenging, recovery.

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Should I get tested for celiac disease if a close relative has it?

A: Yes, it is. A recent Mayo Clinic study found that as many as 44% of first-degree relatives — parents, siblings or children — of someone with celiac disease also had the disease. Most prior studies suggested a lower but still significant risk of around 10% of first-degree relatives... Read More

How do I go about finding a decent, affordable hearing aid?

A: You're right to ask, since your husband's issue is shared by many. About one-third of Americans ages 65 to 74 have hearing loss, as do close to 50% of Americans age 75 and older. To deal with this surging demand, there are a variety of licensed professionals who... Read More