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Diagnosing heart trouble

The right test for you

A diagnosis of heart attack or similar heart problems might seem obvious. However, you might not know you're having heart trouble, or symptoms that seem like heart trouble might be something else. Suspected or discovered heart disease sets in motion a process of testing to clearly diagnose the problem and identify it's scope.

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Can genetic testing to determine the best anti-depressant work for me?

A: Genetic testing is available to help narrow down your antidepressant options, ideally reducing the need for a sometimes prolonged trial-and-error period while settling on an antidepressant regimen. Although these tests can't tell you specifically which antidepressant would work best, they offer clues about how your body may respond.... Read More

Is a growth found on my adrenal gland cancerous?

A: Fortunately, if a mass is found in one or both of the hormone-releasing adrenal glands, it is usually not cancer and causes no other problems. However, an evaluation of the mass is typically necessary. Adrenal masses are estimated to occur in 3% to 7% of older adults.... Read More