April 01, 2020

Overcoming a stressful event

Death of a spouse or loved one. Planning a wedding. Financial difficulties. These are a few of many possible life events that can cause high stress levels. You may be able to better navigate stress in your life by:

  • Identifying stressors and seeking help — Counseling, such as bereavement, financial or marital counseling, can help tackle a root cause of stress. If causes are less clear, therapy can still help you manage your reactions to stress.
  • Setting limits on worry — Schedule a window of time to consider issues causing stress and make plans to resolve or chip away at them. Gain perspective by asking yourself if the cause of stress will matter in five years.
  • Taking breaks for yourself — Have a go-to set of stress-reducing tools such as deep breathing, meditation or a warm bath. Other steps may include putting aside the to-do list, turning off the news, going for a walk, positive self-talk or journaling.
  • Taking care of health fundamentals — Add resiliency with a healthy diet, good sleep and regular exercise. Avoid turning to tobacco products, alcohol or other drugs for relief.
  • Cutting down on minor stressors — Ask or hire someone to help with yardwork or meals. Make a list of things to do and prioritize, plan and pace yourself through the list.
  • Spending time with positive people — Authentic connections make you stronger and provide many...