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Recommendations on hormone therapy updated

Nonallergic rhinitis

Another cause of congestion

Bladder cancer

Spot it early, follow it closely

Pulmonary embolism

Common, life-threatening condition


An inflamed organ

What is watermelon stomach?

Q: I was diagnosed with internal bleeding in my stomach, a condition that my doctor said is sometimes called watermelon stomach. Can you explain why it has this name, since my belly is fairly flat?

Rheumatoid arthritis

Aggressive treatment can halt the disease

Polymyalgia rheumatica

Treatment produces dramatic pain relief

Blood vessel health

A whole-body concern

Macular degeneration

Preserve sight with early treatment

Pain medications

A careful look at the risks

Heat illness

Be on guard when it's hot

Video: Tai chi keeps seniors on their feet

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February 2019
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Living with heart failure

Staying ahead of the symptoms

There are big health and longevity benefits to working closely with your doctor to address the common causes of heart failure.

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Wrist fractures

The most commonly broken bone of the wrist is the scaphoid bone.

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Second Opinion

What's the best way to treat a minor burn?

Minor burns that are treatable at home include:

  • First-degree burns — A first-degree burn involves only the top layer of skin (epidermis), and signs and symptoms include red skin that may be mildly swollen and painful to touch.

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