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Dining out well

Making healthy restaurant choices

Aortic valve narrowing

Restricted blood flow may limit physical activity

Neck pain

Good posture, exercises help

Gum recession

Taking care of your teeth

Atrial fibrillation

Prevent stroke, stop symptoms

Preventing heart failure

Get ahead of the problem

Should I worry about long-term use of prednisone?

Q: I take the drug prednisone to control rheumatoid arthritis. Recently, a friend told me that I should be concerned about side effects from long-term steroid use. Is she right?

Nutrition labels

Update is in progress

Device produces cellular solution for burn healing

Tooth brushing reduces cardiovascular risks

Video: Shining a light on SPF in sunscreen

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August 2019
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Diagnosing heart trouble

The right test for you

A diagnosis of heart attack or similar heart problems might seem obvious. However, you might not know you're having heart trouble, or symptoms that seem like heart trouble might be something else. Suspected or discovered heart disease sets in motion a process of testing to clearly diagnose the problem and identify it's scope.

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About half of people with glaucoma will lose their sight completely.

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Second Opinion

I've heard of winter blues, but is there such a thing as summer blues?

Yes. There's a type of depression — seasonal affective disorder (SAD) — that tends to occur only in certain seasons. It most commonly occurs in the fall and winter months, thus the term "winter blues."

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