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Maintaining bone density

Sleep apnea

A common cause of sleepiness and fatigue

Swallowing difficulty

Steps for safe, comfortable eating

Kidney cancer

New thinking, new options

Total knee replacement

Regaining mobility

Women and heart disease

Take risks seriously

Atrial fibrillation

Basic steps to stop stroke

Lung cancer

A look at risks and prevention

Carotid artery disease

Reducing stroke risk

Pulmonary embolism

Common, life-threatening condition

Ankle arthritis

Options for pain relief

Headaches as you age

Finding relief

Video: Daytime sleepiness linked to Alzheimer's

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September 2018
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Cornea problems

Beyond blurred vision

For the cornea to work properly, it must be transparent to allow light in and it must have a smooth, symmetric curve so that light rays come together at the same place on the retina. When the transparency, texture or shape of the cornea is altered, vision problems may result.

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About half of older Americans have problems with balance.

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Second Opinion

My eyes have gotten drier as I’ve gotten older and I’ve tried eyedrops for relief. But some eyedrops feel irritating and others seem to have a rather thick consistency. What options do I have?

First off, some people find relief even without buying any special remedies. One option is to apply warm compresses to the eyes. You can use a warm washcloth or a heated beaded mask and apply to the eyes for 10 minutes. Then, gently wash the eyelash and eyelid area using watered-down mild shampoo.

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