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Vaginal atrophy

Relieving dryness and pain

Elbow pain

Strengthening can help

Enlarged prostate

Know your treatment options

Headaches as you age

Finding relief

Colorectal cancer screening

Not to be neglected

Chronic lung disease

Pay attention to your breath

Get stronger, live better

Benefits of weight training

What should you do after awaking with a bat in the room?

Q: My daughter awoke to find a bat in her bedroom the other night. She doesn’t think she was bitten, but I wonder whether she should have been seen by a doctor to be safe?

Mild hypothyroidism may not require treatment

A promising treatment for certain breast cancers

Life with a pacemaker

Video: New migraine drugs

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July 2019
Cover Story

Adult asthma

Developing an action plan

Asthma can appear at any point in life, including later adulthood. Adult-onset asthma is more likely to cause persistent symptoms and require daily medication to keep it under control. A step-wise method of increasing or decreasing your asthma drug regimen an important part of managing symptoms.

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Low back pain

Just because pain occurs in your lower back, doesn't always mean that the vertebrae in your spine are the problem.

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Second Opinion

Is it safe to stop cold turkey taking a prescribed antidepressant?

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before stopping the drug. Ask whether it’s OK to stop taking the drug, or if the prescription needs to be refilled for continued use.

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