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Chronic constipation

Next steps for relief

From steps you can take at home to specialized steps your doctor may recommended, there are many ways to find constipation relief. Bowel movement retraining and newer drugs are options for particularly persistent constipation.

Diabetes and risk of uncontrolled blood pressure

Easing chemo-related nasal symptoms, naturally

Fresh summer produce

Improve your diet, locally

Sticking with your statin to lower cholesterol

Prosthetic joint infections

Rare but serious

Suicide risk in older adults

Knowing the warning signs

Flyers can breath easier about infection risk

Blister care

Swallowing difficulty

Steps for safe, comfortable eating

Nail care

Radiation from imaging tests

Putting risk into perspective

Video: Regenerative medicine is transforming health care

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August 2021
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What you can do

Osteoporosis puts you in a higher risk of developing bone fractures. Taking the right steps in terms of diet, exercise habits and appropriate medication selection can keep that risk as low as possible.

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For the quickest healing, it’s best to pop a blister and remove the dead skin.

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Second Opinion

Do brain training memory apps for smartphones work as advertised? I'm looking to slow the memory loss that I feel I've been experiencing.

There's some promising evidence that brain-training smartphone apps — with popular choices being Lumosity, BrainHQ, Elevate or Peak — may have a mild to moderate effect on improving memory and other types of thinking in older adults with age-related cognitive decline or those with mild cognitive impairment.

While brain-training apps may provide a boost, there's no substantial evidence that they can prevent or slow cognitive decline. They also don't seem to help people with cognitive decline that has progressed to dementia. There's also considerable debate as to whether brain-training apps simply make you better at the brain-training exercises or tests, or whether the improved cognition extends into tasks of everyday life.

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