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The power of awe

Highly processed foods may shorten life span

The great outdoors

Nature's many benefits

Making the most of eyedrops

High-altitude travel

Effects on your health

Preventing falls

Find your steady state


When to get tested for whooping cough

Mediterranean diet associated with brain benefits

Adult ADHD

Underrecognized in older adults

Keep calm and breathe

Health tips — Keep calm and breathe.

Spinal stenosis

Painful nerve compression

Spinal canal narrowing (stenosis) most commonly occurs later in life. This is often due to osteoarthritis in the spine, which may prompt the formation of bone spurs that protrude into the spinal canal.

Cardiac stents

What comes after

Video: Robotic mitral valve surgery

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July 2021
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Peripheral neuropathy

Get control of this condition that's common in people with diabetes

Peripheral neuropathy is an often painful nerve condition where management of underlying cause, taking care of your health and select drugs and therapies often lead to relief.

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Anti-clotting medication

If you take an anti-clotting medication, you need to stop taking it before surgery.

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Second Opinion

My doctor is recommending a trial of a gluten-free diet to see if my digestive symptoms improve. Can I still get enough fiber without eating bread and bran flakes?

Yes you can, and that's important because fiber has several health benefits. Fiber is best known for preventing and relieving constipation by helping to bulk up and soften stool, making it easier to pass. It may also lower the risk of hemorrhoids, pouches in the colon (diverticulosis) and colon cancer. A high fiber diet may also improve cholesterol levels, control blood sugar and help you maintain a healthy weight.

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