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Skin cancer

Sun protection is key

Implanted pacemakers

Ticking away at progress

Cold sores

A lifelong virus


Reap the benefits from food sources

Rotator cuff injury

Steps for shoulder pain

Functional dyspepsia

A common, challenging stomach pain

Advances in medical technology

A 3-D view

Blood vessel stents

Improving blood flow


Recommendations for older adults


Maintaining bone density

Exercise for your heart

More powerful than you may think

What causes one to be startled awake by a noise no one can hear?

Q: A couple of times in the past months, my wife has woken in a panic saying she heard a loud noise like a crash. There was no noise, and she assumes it was a dream. Is this something to be concerned about?

Video: Decoding Food Dates

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December 2019
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Chronic constipation

Next steps for relief

From steps you can take at home to specialized steps your doctor may recommended, there are many ways to find constipation relief. Bowel movement retraining and newer drugs are options for particularly persistent constipation.

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Extracting the juice from fresh fruits and vegetables — is a good way to lose weight.

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Second Opinion

Should I see a doctor for a mole that bleeds on occasion?

Yes. Although it may not be serious, a mole that bleeds is a possible sign of melanoma — a rare but serious skin cancer that can spread if left untreated.

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