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Elbow pain

Strengthening can help

Silver diamine fluoride: Stopping cavities without fillings


Managing forces of imbalance

Sinus problems

Inflammation and infection

Common causes of eye redness

Beyond antibiotic eyedrops

Hereditary hair loss

Treatments may help

Adult scoliosis

Dealing with spinal imbalance

Macular degeneration

Preserve sight with early treatment


Combating clots

Reducing salt intake

Keeping flavor


Use them responsibly

Video: What is mindfulness?

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October 2019
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Breast cancer surgery

Know your options

Knowing the difference between lumpectomy and mastectomy — and their implications — can help bring a sense of calm and control to breast cancer decision making. New approaches to cancer removal can preserve a more natural breast appearance even when mastectomy is performed.

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Lung cancer

Smoking cigarettes is the most common cause of lung cancer?

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Second Opinion

Can peppermint oil help irritable bowel syndrome?

Peppermint oil does appear to improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), at least in the short term.

People who have IBS are familiar with abdominal pain and discomfort, bloating, excessive gas, and bothersome bowel movements. Since there's no clear cause, finding relief is often an exercise in trial and error. Treatment generally involves managing stress, avoiding trigger foods, getting enough exercise and rest, and staying hydrated. Some medications may help, but they may also have side effects that can be just as troubling as IBS symptoms.

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