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Personality disorders

When off-key is not OK

Vaping vs. smoking

Inhaling health risks either way

Wrist osteoarthritis

Taming flare-ups and pain

Improving foot pain

Finding the perfect shoe

Burning mouth

Taming a complex problem

Planning for anesthesia

Breast reconstruction

Making decisions

Arthritis and exercise

Managing joint pain for an active life

The idea that you should rest your joints if you have arthritis is outdated. Physical activity can actually reduce arthritis pain and stiffness, but it's important to know how you to get started and keep from over-doing it.

Tea drinking may reduce risk of cognitive disorders

News and our views — Tea drinking may reduce risk of cognitive disorders.

Diagnosing heart trouble

The right test for you

A diagnosis of heart attack or similar heart problems might seem obvious. However, you might not know you're having heart trouble, or symptoms that seem like heart trouble might be something else. Suspected or discovered heart disease sets in motion a process of testing to clearly diagnose the problem and identify it's scope.

Most people don't have an advance directive

News and our views — Most people don't have an advance directive.

Thumb arthritis

Reducing pain, improving function

Video: The four A's of food for heart health

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May 2021
Cover Story

Blood pressure

What to know to keep your numbers low

Blood pressure is known as a silent killer because you can have high blood pressure for years without any symptoms. Find out if your numbers are high, and ways to keep them under control with minimal medication use.

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Breast cancer

Breast cancer is always accompanied by a lump in the breast.

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Second Opinion

My friend says her arthritis pain improved after she started taking turmeric. Can you tell me more about this supplement?

Although a common spice in many home pantries, you may not be familiar with the purported health effects of turmeric. Relieving arthritis pain is one of many.

Turmeric, a plant related to ginger, is grown in India and many Asian countries, as well as other tropical areas. It's a major ingredient in curry powders — common in many Indian and Asian dishes — and is used as a coloring for foods, fabrics and cosmetics. The underground portions of the plant can be dried and made into capsules, tablets, extracts, powders or teas. Or they may be made into a paste to apply to the skin.

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