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Safe use of e-bikes can enable a healthier lifestyle

Anxiety: Short-course therapy can be effective


A diabetes warning sign


An aid to ailing kidneys

Shoulder problems

Advances in surgical care

There are several options for repairing a shoulder problem with surgery. Some may only take an hour or two and some repairs can be done as outpatient procedures. Recovery takes time, but is often easier than in the past.

Resistant hypertension

When blood pressure is hard to treat

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

A jump-start on healing

Seasonal allergies

Manage your irritating symptoms

Low sex drive in women

Low sex drive in women — Feature on rediscovering lost libido.


Scleroderma — Feature on how this condition is more than skin problems.

Sex after heart attack

Often not discussed

Stroke rehabilitation

Paving the way to recovery

Video: Are there health benefits to taking turmeric?

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April 2021
Cover Story

Dizziness and vertigo

Often goes away, but can linger

Dizziness and vertigo can be debilitating, but can go away over time with the help of special therapy steps. When it doesn't, new understanding of persistent dizziness and vertigo have led to improved therapy options.

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Safe sex practices

Older adults still need to think about safe sex practices when seeing a new partner.

Featured Recipe

Second Opinion

How do the new plant-based burgers on the market rate nutritionally?

Recent offerings of plant-based burgers — such as the Beyond Burger, Impossible Burger or Sweet Earth Awesome Burger — are designed to look and taste like meat and serve as an alternative source of protein. While these burgers may be a step in the right direction, they're still not necessarily the healthiest choices.

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