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Rethinking 10,000 steps

Tooth brushing reduces cardiovascular risks

Low blood pressure when you stand

Sit less, live longer

New drug-infused wipe for excessive sweating

IBS and lifestyle

Be good to your gut

Enlarged prostate

A treatable condition in men

Enlarged prostate — Feature that helps sort out drug and surgical options for improving BPH symptoms.

Weight may impact effectiveness of aspirin therapy

Coffee can be part of a healthy diet

News and our views — Coffee can be part of a healthy diet.

Sweetened drinks and shorter life

Atrial fibrillation

Basic steps to stop stroke

Wrinkles, spots and blotches

Refreshing facial skin

There are several treatment options that can help improve the look of aged skin, particularly of the face. But it's important to have realistic expectations.

Video: Hate wearing a face mask?

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February 2021
Cover Story

Head and neck cancers

Advances in treatment

Innovations in surgery, radiation, and immunotherapy and other areas have made treating for head and neck cancers more targeted, less likely to result in side effects and more effective.

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Foot size

Your feet generally stay the same size throughout your life.

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Second Opinion

Are vitamin D supplements recommended if I have osteoporosis?

Yes, vitamin D supplementation — and often calcium supplementation — is recommended for older adults with osteoporosis who are at risk of bone fractures. Still, it's wise to talk with your doctor before you start.

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