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Blister care

A larger breakfast may play a role in weight control

Adult asthma

Developing an action plan

Asthma can appear at any point in life, including later adulthood. Adult-onset asthma is more likely to cause persistent symptoms and require daily medication to keep it under control. A step-wise method of increasing or decreasing your asthma drug regimen an important part of managing symptoms.


Juicing — Feature on squeezing out the pros and cons.

Burning mouth

Taming a complex problem

Carotid artery disease

Reducing stroke risk


When to get tested for whooping cough

What's that rash?

What's that rash? — Feature on itchy skin.

Jet lag

Feeling fresher faster

Long QT syndrome

Long QT syndrome — Feature on when medication is to blame.

Breast cancer screening

Answering questions

Giant cell arteritis

Giant cell arteritis — Feature on a new treatment for inflammation.

Video: It's hard to beat the health benefits of beets

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October 2020
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Enlarged prostate

A treatable condition in men

Enlarged prostate — Feature that helps sort out drug and surgical options for improving BPH symptoms.

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Gluten-free diet

If you follow a gluten-free diet and can’t eat whole grain bread and grains, there are still a lot of food choices available to get adequate fiber in your diet.

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Second Opinion

In your July 2019 article on choking, you covered how to respond to choking. Are there ways to prevent it? It seems like when I eat with friends, someone always gets something down the wrong pipe.

This is a great question for older adults, because most deaths due to choking occur in adults over age 65. Older adults are at higher risk because they are more likely to have swallowing difficulty, more likely to have greater difficulty chewing due to dentures, or more likely to live alone.

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