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Peripheral artery disease

Heart health for your legs


Managing forces of imbalance

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Hidden cause of low back pain


A silent thief

A stiff heart

A type of heart failure

Colorectal cancer screening

Not to be neglected

Thyroid function disorders

Finding the right balance

Parkinson's disease

Following the changes

Women and heart disease

Take risks seriously

Ankle arthritis

Options for pain relief

Total knee replacement

Regaining mobility


Cancer and the heart

Video: Taking your turkey from the store to the table

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December 2018
Wrinkles, spots and blotches
Cover Story

Wrinkles, spots and blotches

Refreshing facial skin

There are several treatment options that can help improve the look of aged skin, particularly of the face. But it's important to have realistic expectations.

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Voice changes

When your voice gets tired or feels weak, it's best to rest it for a few days.

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Second Opinion

Based on his snoring, I think my husband may have sleep apnea. However, he doesn't want to get tested because he doesn't want to spend a night hooked up to a bunch of equipment. Is there an easier way to know?

There are simpler ways to initially rule out sleep apnea. However, this may not negate the need for eventually having a sleep study to make a definitive diagnosis.

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