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Welcome to the Mayo Clinic Health Letter — Online Edition

Robert D. Sheeler, M.D.
Medical Editor, Mayo Clinic Health Letter

 "If we excel in anything it is in our capacity for translating idealism into action."

"The glory of medicine is that it is constantly moving forward . . ."

That first quote is from Dr. Charlie Mayo, and the second is from Dr. Will. Combined, I think those words embody the spirit behind this new Mayo Clinic Health Letter Web site. Welcome to Mayo Clinic Health Letter — Online Edition.

For 25 years, the Mayo Clinic Health Letter has been helping our readers live healthier lives by each month bringing important health information into their homes. Until now, we've delivered that information only in the form of a print newsletter. With this Web site, we're making the Health Letter even more accessible. You have the flexibility to receive Mayo Clinic Health Letter in print, online, or both.

Each media has its advantages. Among other things, it's hard to beat the ease and portability of a print newsletter — pick it up and put it down at your convenience. But it's also hard to beat the search capabilities of a Web site. Plus, with this Web site, you don't have to archive back issues — they're here for you, and they're completely searchable for that story you remember reading but can't quite recall in which issue. You can search by topic, year or issue.

In addition, the Web site offers us the ability to bring you content we simply can't fit in the print newsletter. In print, we have eight pages, that's it. With the Web, space is less of a concern. Among the bonus content you'll see on the Health Letter Web site are columns (from members of our Editorial Board and from me), healthy recipes (from a variety of sources, including my kitchen and the kitchens of Mayo nutrition experts) and fun quizzes. All are intended to complement the fine medical information you're used to reading in the Mayo Clinic Health Letter.

By the way, with all the medical information available on the Web today, you may wonder about the value of a newsletter (print or Web). Can't you just search the Web for topics you want to read about? Of course you can — and should. But, the value of a newsletter is that it brings you information about topics you may not have even thought about. Time and again we've had readers write, call and e-mail us that articles we've published have given them important — even life-saving — information about a health issue of which they weren't even aware. When it comes to your health, what you don't know can hurt you. And that's where a newsletter can help.

Our goal in bringing Mayo Clinic's knowledge and expertise to your door has always been to help you live a healthier, more enjoyable life. That goal hasn't changed now that you can also access the newsletter at the click of a mouse. This Web site is just another way of moving forward by translating idealism into action. We hope you use and enjoy the Mayo Clinic Health Letter — Online Edition.

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